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承认统考与否?国阵政府已玩弄了人民数十年。谁在咬文嚼字?谁在承认统考上比较干脆俐落?华社心里必然有一个答案。马华固然可以继续打嘴炮,但承认统考一事不能再被拖延!错误的政策已造成人才大量的流失,时至今日,马来西亚的国力已不堪再承受人才出走的打击,既然国阵不愿留住人才,就让希望联盟取而代之,进而拨乱反正重建更好的家国。 […]


槟州国阵不只词穷缺点子抄袭槟城州政府的政策当文抄公,更残忍的竟然是要置槟城人于塞车的死地之中。国阵缺乏点子、理想及原则就是当年许子根掌权时槟城落后的主要原因。 […]

BN Penang Is Not Only Short Of Ideas By Adopting A Manifesto That Is A Copycat Of Penang State Government Policies But Is Cruel In Allowing Penangites To Choke To Death In Traffic Congestion.

BN Penang is not only short of ideas by adopting a manifesto that is a copycat of Penang state government policies but [...]

Malaysians must heed the call of the late Karpal Singh to “search your conscience” for change at Putrajaya as we face the battle to restore justice, democracy, freedom and good governance from the iron fisted clutches of a 61 year old Barisan Nasional government

Today will be the 4th year that we celebrate Karpal Singh, The Tiger of Jelutong, as Malaysian sons and daughters being his [...]


槟州国阵主席邓章耀不该对希望联盟分阶段废除大道收费的竞选宣言谎言连篇。谈到废除,当然指的是那些已经收取超过合并资本投资(建设支出、维护和运营成本)的大道。 […]

Why Is Teng Chang Yeow Still Supporting The Unjust Collection Of Tolls On The First Penang Bridge?

Penang Barisan Nasional chairman Teng Chang Yeow should not lie about Pakatan Harapan manifesto about our promise to abolish higway tolls in [...]

UMNO and Barisan Nasional set to lose votes over rising cost of living

I refer to press reports quoting Tasek Gelugor MP Datuk Shabudin Yahaya as saying that he feels confident that a reverse Malay [...]

Statement by Caretaker Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi that it is better for Malaysians in Singapore not to vote if their employers did not give them leave is shocking

Zahid was reported by Malaysiakini in its article titled, “Best not to vote if you can't get leave, Zahid tells M'sians in [...]

Who is Asri to deny votes for Hindraf?

Who is Perlis Mufti Mood Asri Zainal to tell Malaysian voters that they should reject Hindraf candidates if they fielded in the [...]

Ramasamy: Dont blame Dr M, blame MIC for how funds were used.

DAP leader P Ramasamy wants to know whether the funds allocated by Prime Minister Najib Razak for the Indian community are being [...]

Wednesday polling will backfire on BN, says DAP

DAP’s P Ramasamy said the decision to hold the general election on a Wednesday instead of a day close to or during [...]

We will never SURRENDER!

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are on the eve of one the greatest electoral battles of our nation’s 61 year history. […]