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Party Positions

  • DAP Penang State Vice-Chairman

Previously Elected

  • State Assemblyperson for Bagan Jermal (1986 elections)
  • State Assemblyperson for Mak Mandin (1990 elections)
  • Member of Parliament for Bagan (1995 by-election – 2004 elections)
  • Penang State EXCO Member
  • State Assemblyperson for Bagan Jermal

Persevering despite the odds

Politics is something that youths tend to avoid. Usually, it is because many people feel that politics is corrupt and only for egomaniacs who desire power. Sometimes though, a rare youth will rise – one who believes that if he does not stand up for what is right, no one else would. Lim Hock Seng is one such person. From an early age, he developed an inclination towards politics and rose to the occasion when he came of age.

“Someone has to stand up to fight!” remarks Lim who is now a Penang State Exco. The former MP for Bagan, Lim has been active in politics since he was 24 years old.

When asked what prompted him to enter politics, Lim says “When I was in school, I felt that there was unfairness in society which was ruled by the then Alliance government.” Lim activated his career in politics in 1982 by assisting the then-candidate for Bagan before becoming a candidate himself in 1986 for the Bagan Jermal state seat. In 1990, Lim contested and won both a parliamentary and state seat.

One of his most memorable electoral victories was the Bagan by-election in 1995 after the death of the late P. Patto. At this by-election, Lim won by a majority of 11,802. Lim retained the Bagan parliamentary seat in the 1999 and 2004 elections before moving back to his original state seat of Bagan Jermal in 2008.

Lim was hopeful that DAP could win a few more seats compared with 2004.  He was in for a surprise as the DAP made a clean sweep of all their parliamentary and state seats contested in Penang and together with their partners in PKR and PAS, proceeded to form the next Penang State Government. Lim was appointed Penang State Exco in charge of public works, utilities and transport.

Lim recalls that when the new government officially moved into their offices, the entire office was empty and files were missing. They had to pick up everything from scratch. Lim had to ask all government officers to brief him on the projects that the previous government had embarked on.

“There was a lot of working pressure at the beginning, but eventually we got the hang of it,” Lim recalls.

Besides routine management work, Lim plans and implements several projects that he feels will be beneficial to Penangites. The upgrading and construction of roads are important as broken roads will lead to delays and the loss of money to many businesses.

In the Bagan Jermal state seat, Lim knows that he has to perform and give good service to the people. At the state level, Lim knows he has to help the State Government make and implement policies that the people are looking for.

“Lim Guan Eng is a very intelligent and far-sighted leader and I have learned a lot from him as well as benefited from his guidance. I am proud to be serving in his administration,” he says.

Although he has been in politics for most of his adult life, Lim has no regrets and feels satisfied to have helped the people as much as he has.